The Black Lioness.

My opinions on the latest releases in streetwear, runway, and everything in between.....not that you care. Work in Progress, will be updated as much as possible.

LUKER BY NEIGHBORHOOD 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook

With a noticeable British tinge to the style displayed, I think it’s safe to say that subtlety wins again! The entire look book is clean for this season. Nothing over the top. No loud outrageous logos that tend to afflict a lot of summer and spring releases. For the full scoop, check out


The Quiet Life: Not So Quiet
I have only recently started to check out The Quiet Life. Everything I have seen from them I have instantly fell in love with. Especially there 2013 collection. It has completely won me over. I am a huge fan. I plan to buy this 5 panel especially when it drops. For more information, head over to
Surface to Air 2013 Fall/Winter Preview
This is a part of a teaser collection. I skimmed across some of the other pieces. They seem nice, yet mildly plain. I have grown away from over the top large logos and believe minimalistic pieces such as these are far more powerful. The one thing that stood out to me about this particular piece is the way that the dots are asymmetrical. After taking a Computer Design class, I am fully engrossed with asymettrics in everything. They can make clothes much more interesting. If the pictures are an indication of what else is to come in the collection then I will surely be looking forward to purchasing when the collection drops. For the full teaser collection head over to

First post.

My name is Trey ! I am a college student at Old Dominion University who’s interested in a career in fashion. I’m a work in progress, learning to sort out individual style from hype and in fads. I believe myself to be fashionable but i’m far from where I want to be. I would like to share my views with the world on what I deem to be nice in my eyes. By doing this blog, I would like to 

A. Show the world a window to my heart, the fashions I pick will give insight to who I am and tell a story

B. Get valuable experience that will look great on a resume. I plan on attending The School of Fashion at Parsons.

C. Show my growth from Day 1 to the Day in which I deem myself no longer needing this blog to pick out style, and hopefully upon this day I will have an internship that will help me further myself on my goal.

If you’re still here after that lengthy post I thank you! I will update when I can. Thank you for looking! A majority of my posts you will find on sites such as and, I will pick out the things I like and what I think about them. Just a quick side note. Once again thank you! Tell a friend!